These Bears Love to Dress Up and Dance

Meet Baby Cooper

BABY COOPER showed up on the scene with rhythm in his feet. From the day he arrived, Cooper could spin a pirouette with his mama or tap out a double wing with his papa like a champion; but when its time for Cooper to move, its the rhythm and the beats that make him want to get up and dance!

Not content to ride on his Papa’s coattails, or his Mama’s tutu, Cooper is
already a veteran performer. He has already worked with many of the city’s
biggest names, and loves to be onstage whenever he can.

And when he’s not onstage? Cooper and his friends like nothing more
than getting into mischief. They are particularly fond of playing
practical jokes on bears. And if you ask him, he’ll always tell you
its not his fault. He’s a kid. Being silly is what he’s supposed to do!

Fortunately for Cooper, his Babysitter is very smart and knows just
what to do to keep him out of trouble – most of the time. Find silly
clothes, help Copper and his pals get dressed-up, and help them put
on a show!