These Bears Love to Dress Up and Dance

Meet Cosmo

COSMO BEAR grew up on the lower Eastside. His POP owned the neighborhood’s most popular ice cream truck. And though Cosmo’s family was never rich, they were always happy.

Cosmo’s Pop had always hoped that he would take-over
the family ice cream business. But Cosmo had other plans.
For as long as he can remember, Cosmo has always loved
to perform. To make people smile and laugh!

And so every night, after he was finished with work, Cosmo
and his friends would head out to perform their dances and
skits on street corners, in subway tunnels, on trolley cars,
wherever there were people who needed entertaining –
that’s where you’d find them.

Of course it wasn’t long before Cosmo’s gifts landed him roles
on Broadway – and now he’s one of the biggest bears in the city.
But he’s never forgotten his roots – going down to the old
neighborhood to dance and perform with all of his old pals.