These Bears Love to Dress Up and Dance

Meet Ginger Bear

GINGER BEAR grew up on the upper Westside, the daughter of one of the richest bears in town. She always went to the best schools, wore the fanciest clothes and got her every wish – and her heart’s wish was to dance ballet. And so she did!

Ginger is now one of the city’s prima ballerina’s, having starred
in all of the major ballets. For Ginger, ballet is more than just
an art – it is a way of life.

One day while being driven to ballet class in her father’s
limousine, Ginger went into a panic when the car broke down.
Ginger never missed class and was never late! In spite of the
chauffeur’s protests, Ginger leapt out of the car and jumped
onto a passing trolley.

And that was the day that Ginger and Cosmo first met. Of course,
it was not love at first sight. But that’s another story.