These Bears Love to Dress Up and Dance

Meet the Bears

The Bears (Cosmo, Ginger & Baby Cooper) live in a comfortable two-story brownstone near the last stop of the B-Line Trolley in the colorful Westside neighborhood of Mckaya Park. Popular with families who like the friendly locals, as well as artists and performers drawn to the creative scene, McKaya Park features a narrow main street lined with shops and cafes, a town square and, as the locals are quick to tell any newcomers, the city’s first trolley depot.

Cosmo Bear is a world-renowned tap dancer and performer at the Southside Tap Room in his old neighborhood. A prima ballerina with the famous Eastside Ballet Company, Ginger Bear travels the world delighting adoring fans everywhere with her grace and artistry. A born performer, Baby Cooper loves to be onstage with his parents! When he’s not performing or having a playdate with his pals, Baby Cooper loves to ride the trolley across town to spend time with his grandparents.

The City is a magical place – full of wonder and excitement – the perfect place for a bear to have an adventure or put on a show. Or both! As Cosmo likes to say, “there’s no better place to hang your hat than right where you are!”